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VuGen not playing nice? No worries...


With the deep infiltration of XMLHTTPRequest, advanced javascript and HTML5 in most of the web applications, Internet Explorer is quickly falling on the bad side of things. Which brings up a concern for LoadRunner users. Traditionally, Loadrunner Virtual User Generator or VuGen works well with IE, sometimes with Firefox and rarely with Chrome. So if you have an application that is hostile towards IE, be prepared to face '0 recorded events' and record time crashes in VuGen. Which is a shame because LoadRunner is an awesome tool and VuGen's marriage with IE is holding it back. So what if you have an application such as a social app that works well only with the RockMelt social browser and LoadRunner plainly refuses to acknowledge it thanks to IE? There is still hope. With the help of a popular Web Debugging Proxy - Fiddler and this tool - Fiddler2VuGen, it is still possible to use LoadRunner as the performance testing solution. Even if Vugen is not able to record a script, it can very well replay it if we are able to generate the script somehow. To accomplish this, we can capture the web traffic of the workflow using Fiddler and convert the capture to a LoadRunner script using Fiddler2Vugen. Additionally a couple of features in the tool should enable you to quickly debug (parameterize and correlate) your recorded script and have it working in no time. Watch the tutorial below to get a clearer picture...


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