Hi, my name is
Kaushal Dalvi

Welcome to my web home. I use this site mainly to redo it every few months to learn new tech stacks and also to serve as a backend service provider for my apps. May also try my hand at writing a blog, every once in a while.

Google Certified Cloud Digital LeaderGremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Professional

International Conference Speaker

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Portland, OR [Oct 10-12, 2022]

Keynote Speaker
at PNSQC 2022

I will be the keynote speaker at PNSQC2022 where I will be speaking about 'Value Stream Driven Development and Quality/Performance'.

PNSQC 2022 talk

Intermittent Keto
for your apps!

I did a 5 minute lightning talk at StarEAST2022 about some of the common patterns between life in the pandemic and modern software engineering practices and application performance.

Intermittent Keto for your Apps

Opening Keynote atSTARWEST2022

I will be bringing a new, never-before-read Harry Potter story to the main stage at STARWEST2022 this year. This will be Harry's Software Engineering path when his career as an Auror seemed to be too boring.

Register at the link below. Also visit this spot again after a couple of weeks, you may end up finding a discount code as an easter egg if you dig enough.

Starwest 2022 talk

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